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Managing a Mobile Workforce

Cut through the confusion. An easy to understand whitepaper on Enterprise Mobility Management.

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Mobility is about so much more than checking your emails on your smartphone during the morning commute. Changes in business practices, policies and technology have all combined to create a more flexible, dynamic working environment. Modern workers have evolved beyond the workplace to the work space. Business communications is now about providing a consistent user and customer experience, anytime, anywhere and on any device. This is achieved through Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

This white paper breaks down the components of an effective EMM strategy, important points to conisder and the benefits businesses can expect it to deliver. Did you know...

  • 79% of workers want to work from home at least part-time
  • 90% of managers believe that workers are more productive when given the flexibility to choose when and how they work
  • 62.5% of companies include mobile apps as a major investment
  • 75% of companies plan to roll out 10+ apps to support core business processes
  • A third of businesses expect at least 60% of their workforce to be fully mobile by 2017
  • 64.3% of companies are yet to move beyond the early stages of implementing mobility

Find out all you need to know about fully mobilising your workforce by reading this whitepaper today.

Mobile Workforce Management Whitepaper
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